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What’s your point of view to those couples who try living together before marriage? Do you think it will strengthen their relationship? Will it just make it worst? Is it a good or bad idea for both of them?

1. Living together is an easy way to “try out” the relationship before committing to marriage. You can never tell if your marriage will be successful so why not try to live together first? You will have a chance to get to know each other more when your in the same roof. Even if you’re together for 10 years, you will able to see a different side of your partner when you’re living together.

2. Living together will give you a stronger marriage. It will be a great head start before marriage, you’ll have a chance to adjust to your new life, far with your family. Experiencing new things and hardships, it will make your relationship hard to break. Both of you will be physically and emotionally ready for lifetime commitment.

3. Sharing finances and expenses will make things easier in your relationship. Telling your partner your income, you will learn well how to manage your billing. Although sometimes problems may arise, just be honest with your financial situation and both of you will make it work. It’s also one way of building trust to your partner. It will help you to be financially ready.

4. The level of sexual satisfaction will be higher. Most of failed marriages is because of sex life. When you try living together before marriage, you’ll have a chance to learn how to satisfy your partner in bed. It will be less complicated if you will part ways if you realise that your not compatible, if you’re not yet married.

5. Marriage is just a piece of paper. Yes, but you can’t just torn it apart if you fall out of love to your partner. Marriage is not an easy thing, you need to be fully committed. It needs communication, trust and love.

Married or just living together, no one wants to suffer the heartache of a broken relationship. If your goal is to have a stable, healthy, long lasting relationship all you need is to communicate with your partner. There is no perfect relationship. Expect that your partner will disappoint and frustrate you at times. But knowing how to communicate increases your chances of being able to resolve and even prevent conflict.

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