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If you think that it’s nothing then you’re wrong, it can be a cause to end your relationship right away. Try to avoid these 5 bad habits if you want your relationship to last long.

1.Being the “Star” in your relationship

It’s right that you need to love yourself before you love someone else, but it doesn’t mean that you make your relationship all about you. A relationship consists of two people combined to make it stronger. If you want your relationship to focused on yourself only, you can’t call it a relationship. Try your best to make an effort to your partner.

2.“White lies”

A lie is a lie.

You should not make lying a habit. It will start as a harmless lie but it can be a start to develop slowly a much bigger lies that will ruin your relationship with your partner. Being honest is the best way to have a healthy and long lasting relationship. Sometimes, truth hurts our feelings but it’s better than being cured by a lie.

3.The “Silent Killer”

If you’re mad at your partner, just say it or shout it on their face. Silent treatment is not a good way to avoid the cause of you’re misunderstanding. You’ll just hurt the feelings of your partner because of your cold treatment. The best thing to do is talk about it and try to make the things work out.

4. Avoiding problems

Trying to avoid talking about your problems thinking that it will lessen the arguments is not a good habit. Avoiding the talk will just create more problems because you can’t settle the cause of your misunderstanding. If you’ll ignore simple problem and don’t make a proper closure, it can be a big one. Whatever problems you encounter, you should try to talk about it so that you can avoid to make it worst.

5. Creating scenes in public

No one else needs to know about your problems, your problems are private and they need to be talked about and sorted out privately. The fights that happen between you and your partner should not be broadcast in your neighbourhood. Try not to make a scene in special occasions, or start an argument while having dinner with family or friends. They can’t help you to settle your problems, they will just think that your relationship sucks.

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