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When you’re in a relationship, it should be filled with amazing experiences to create wonderful memories. Couples should try new things to bring each other closer and make the bonding stronger. You can try a lot of things and it will be fun if you plan together. Here is a list of 5 activities every couple should do together.

1. Biking

A lot of fun stuff happens when you go out on a bike compared to when you’re in a car. You’re more in the environment. It’s enjoyable. Even when it’s raining, it’s still fun.” – Stone Gossard

Biking together is a great experience that couples should try. It’s not only a fun activity but it also has health benefits.

Couples who ride together, stays together.”

2. Swimming

Swimming is a wonderful experience. It can be in the sea, ocean or a manmade swimming pool. Diving into the water not knowing how deep it is. Swimming is all about fun, especially if you’re with your special someone.

The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.”

3. Mountain Climbing

“When you find your passion, it’s great. You go up a mountain with partners, and you have a wonderful opportunity to connect and achieve a goal together. You are not trying to be better than other humans. You are supporting each other.” – Conrad Anker

One of the best feeling is when you’re on the top of the world with the one you love. It’s so refreshing to feel the kiss of the wind. The view that will take your breath away.Its not the Mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”- Edmund Hillary

4. Running

Most couple run because of the health benefits they can gain. Others want to run because it provides them a clear set of goals which they can exceed. If none of you is a runner, you can try this activity by simply joining Fun Run first. It’s one of the best things that couples should try.

Every day is a good day when you run.” – Kevin Nelson

5. Workout

Physical fitness can benefit your romantic relationship not only your own health and well-being. You should grab your partner’s hand and invite him or her to be your workout partner. Some evidence suggests that couples who sweat together really do stay together. Working out together can increase happiness in a relationship.

“Fit people have better sex.”

Every couples should do activities together that they are passionate about – which can make their relationship work better. Couples who set out to achieve something together has a higher chance to have a successful relationship.

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