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In today’s society, it’s hard to tell if a girl is attracted to you or she just thinks of you as a friend. Boys don’t have enough experience to really understand how women’s minds work, how attraction works, and most importantly – why things work the way they do.

There’s 10 ways to know if she actually does like you.

1. She Enjoys Talking to YouIt can be tricky becausye some women like talking to you because they’re nice, sweet, and polite. Others who aren’t as sweet and polite will enjoy talking to you because they’re genuinely interested in you. Pay attention to if she’s just being nice or if she’s actually showing you more attention than what seems normal. But the obvious thing is that if she’s spending a lot of her time having a conversation with you and you notice it’s a pattern, then she’s investing her time in you when she could be spending it doing something else.

2. She Calls or Texts You FIRSTWhen you are on her mind, she’ll let you know and make it obvious. Most women don’t call or text a guy because they’re bored. They actually think ahead and if they’re not into him, they sometimes are afraid of giving him the wrong idea. Think about it – she has so many other things she can be doing but instead, she’s reaching out and initiating the interaction with you.

3. She Touches YouLet’s just put it this way – if she doesn’t like you, she is not going to physically place any part of her body on yours. A big sign that tells you “you’re in” is she’ll get physical with you either by pushing you, rubbing you, getting close to you, or simply touching you. Women are very sensitive to touch and when some guy bumps into her or touches her, she’s going to lose her damn mind.

4. She Tells You You’re Being a “Stranger”A woman accusing you of being a “stranger” is telling you that she kinda wishes you communicated and interacted with her more. She secretly wishes she was a little bit closer to you. If she’s asking you why you’re being a stranger, she’s been thinking about you, noticing you, and probably being a little creeper while you’re not looking. She’s not going to go out of her way for someone she’s not into.

5. She Talks To You All the TimeIf she’s not interested, you’re not going to hear from her all the time. But since she likes to communicate with you pretty damn often, it’s a definite indicator that you have something she likes and wants. If you notice she’s always available, always communicating with you, and always happy to see and talk to you, then you know she likes you.

6. She Makes It Clear She’s Single or AvailableShe wants to make sure that you’re not thinking she has a boyfriend and if you are thinking it, she wants to make sure you’re clear that she’s single and available. When she throws it out there like a pitcher for you to catch it, it’s almost guaranteed she wants you.

7. She Asks a Lot of Personal QuestionsIf she’s not interested, she won’t give a damn to know anything about you because it’s really not worth her time. With a guy who she wants to know more about and get to know better, she’s going to ask him personal questions or questions about himself to learn more about him and see if he’s the type of guy she’s looking for or wants.

8. You Catch Her Staring HardA lot of women have a bad habit of staring and becoming completely unaware that they’re doing it. They zone out, their mind goes to some other place, and they become full of thoughts while they’re looking at you. When you catch her staring, it’s probably because you’re an interesting guy.

9. She Doesn’t Keep Her DistanceThere’s this thing called “personal space” that many of us love and appreciate. When she likes you, there’s a good chance she’ll forget about this awesome thing called “personal space” and if she’s super hot, it can be awesome that she’s invading it. A woman who doesn’t like you isn’t going to cross that invisible boundary with you and she’s definitely going to notice when you invade her personal space.

10. She Teases and/or Compliments YouWhen little boys like little girls and vise versa, they tease each other, pull each other’s hair, chase each other around, and so on. We still do this even in adulthood – only in a more sophisticated manner. If she’s crackin’ jokes, picking at you, poking you, and teasing you politely, she’s probably or definitely interested. She can be a pain in the ass too to show she’s interested. Actually, the more she likes you, the worse she can be.

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