/ January 14, 2018/ She Says, TD's List

1. He cares about his mom so much. A man’s true colors are bound to come out around his parents. By watching how he treats his mom, you’ll have an idea of how he will treat you in a long term. The way he values his mom is the way you’ll get treated too.

2. He influences you to be a better person. He inspires you and support you all the time. When you learn many things and develop yourself while you’re in relationship. When he helps you to grow as a person and encourage you to pursue your dreams.

3. He remembers every single details about you, your favorites and special dates like your birthday, anniversary and first date. If he appears to remember every little thing that you say or do, then he is really paying attention to you. A guy who remembers every single details about you means that you’re very special to him. He never fails to greet you or surprise you because he knows that it will make you happy knowing that he never forgets those special dates.

4. When you fight, he never allows a day to pass without fixing the conflict with each other. He put down his pride and start talking to you when there are misunderstandings. He does efforts to make your relationship last long. When he makes mistakes, he owns it and learn from them.

5. He is loyal. Loyalty is rare and something we all value in our partner. It is an essential quality and a strong assurance your partner. If your man can be trustworthy, always tell you the truth then you’re lucky.

6. Lastly, you see yourself living together with him for the rest of your life. You can’t imagine yourself without him. You see your future with him and want to have a happy family with him.

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