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If you haven’t read the first stage of a relationship, proceed to Relationship Stage #1: Romance and Infatuation.

Okay, so we are now done with the far from reality stage. Done with the Infatuation stage and now entering the disturbance stage.

Everything starts getting back to normal, and instead of only focusing on each other, couples become more involved with other things like their work, their duties and sometimes their friends.

If you’re not aware of this normal stage in a relationship, you might think they’ve fallen out of love. Sometimes you might even get upset by your partner’s lack of attention to you.

Disturbance Stage is a stage when we become familiar with our loved one. We began seeing the flaws in them, we started arguing with each other, conflicts arise, fights, misunderstanding, distrust among other things becomes inevitable.

This is the stage where arguing is common, where we become suspicious with one another, and sometimes we compares other relationship not because they lead you to believe it, but because you noticed the changes brought by this stage.

During the Disturbance Stage, there is a certain amount of disillusionment. The relationship is not what it was dreamed to be and one or both partners may be increasingly attracted to other people. Sometimes, we think about past loves. This is a time when the relationship is very vulnerable to unfaithfulness.

This stage will test how much you trust each other, it will test your patience, it will test and shakes your relationship, it will test how far you can go to save and keep the relationship.

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